Michigan Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Odd Homeowner Insurance Claims


You’ve heard of strange claims on all kinds of policies, but some of the wackiest—and boldest—are from crooks who want to collect on their homeowners insurance. Or someone else’s policy. And they are often return performers—that is, if they aren’t put in prison first.


One of the most persistent scammer has to be the senior citizen who loved to fake a slip and fall.  She’s done this in all kinds of stores more than 4 dozen times. Her problem was an addiction to gambling. Sounds like she loved risk.


But insurers are shrewd at catching fakers, especially now that claims data in online. It’s far simpler to analyze and notice that a single person has had a dozen slip/fall claims. That means it’s time to send in the investigator.


Another woman faked a slip/fall in her own home, saying she’d slid in a puddle of water. Conveniently, she failed to mention that she, herself, had created the spill when she threw a bottle of soft drink at someone else.  You can only imagine what the insurance company thought of the injury to her tailbone.


One of the most awful stories was an executive who had so much debt he set fire to his house with his 90 year old mother inside. What kind of man would kill their mother in such a horrific way just for the money? He’s in prison for the rest of his life, but there are people who set fire to their homes to get money.  This has happened more often with the economy in a funk and homes being foreclosed upon.


The same with lost property claims—as the economy declined, people began reporting thefts of their computers, precious gems and other possessions. They just need the money.


The problem with scams like that is that they impact your ability to get reasonable Michigan homeowners insurance quotes from legit sources like this. Someone has to pay for this kind of abuse, and it’s the insurance company, who passes that loss on to its customers in the form of higher premiums. Yes, it’s true: that kind of stuff does get passed on to the consumer.


But sometimes, juries make some crazy decisions, like awarding a pain and suffering claim to a thief who accidentally locked himself in a garage while robbing a family on vacation.  Definitely a crazy decision.