New Jersey Auto Insurance Quotes

New Jersey Auto Insurance QuotesCommon Driving Errors

Taking Risks

Have you ever changed lanes without looking and had to make a last minute maneuver to avoid hitting the car you didn’t know was there?  That’s an unnecessary driving risk.  Signaling your change of lanes is not enough—drivers must also look over their shoulder to be sure a vehicle isn’t in a blind spot.

But that’s not the only risk drivers take on the road: Not stopping on red before making a right turn. Not watching for pedestrians or bicycles. Not braking soon enough.  All of these can cause an accident.

Be on guard for the kind of driving risks that have become habit. That’s when accidents occur.

Maintaining proper distance

We used to call it tailgating—that following too close to a vehicle ahead.  If it stopped suddenly, a driver could easily hit it. Rear-end accidents are very common and usually the person who hits the car ahead is at fault. Not fair? Well, it’s a fact.

On a freeway, especially, it’s important to maintain proper distance. Drivers can get going pretty fast and if they haven’t left enough stopping distance, there is no leeway should the car ahead stop unexpectedly.  Prepare for the unexpected and maintain proper distance.

Distracted Driving

You think you’re paying attention to the road, but maybe you aren’t. Maybe you’re paying attention to your kids in the back seat. Or your dog. Or changing the channel on the music. Or you are on phone call, even if it’s hands-free. You might be zoning out on your own thoughts.

Driving while distracted is one of the biggest causes of traffic accidents and texting has made it even more so.  Driving requires a driver’s full attention. If drivers really understood knew how much at risk they are when on the road, they’d be more attentive.

Despite the many warnings not to text when driving, and laws that prohibit it, it’s still common to see texters on the road. Are you one? Is it worth risking your life and that of others?


Do you have a lead foot? Feel the need for speed? Or just don’t pay enough attention to speed limits? Chances are you’ve had a speeding ticket and seen the results  insurance rates. You can’t afford to have speeding tickets if you are looking for low-priced New Jersey auto insurance quotes from someone like  Drivers can be penalized on their insurance rates for having too many moving violations.

Speeding is a safety hazard to you and your passengers, but it’s also a hazard to all drivers around you, too.